Welcome 2020

The University of York Students' Union

We're the University of York Students' Union (YUSU) and we represent all students at York. We can't wait to welcome you in September!

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Your Union

Your 2020/21 Sabbatical Officer team (or ‘Sabbs’) are here to represent your voice to the university, locally and nationally.
Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell

YUSU President

Maddi Cannell

Maddi Cannell

Sport President

Brian Terry

Brian Terry

Activities Officer

Matt Johnstone

Matt Johnstone

Academic Officer

Carly Precious

Carly Precious

Community & Wellbeing Officer

Part-time Officers

Elected to represent students on a multitude of issues, from volunteering to environmental issues. The Part-Time Officers also stand up for under-represented groups on campus and work tirelessly to campaign, put on events and raise awareness of issues affecting those students to make their lives better.

Academic Reps

Whether it's asking for more books, clarifying marking criteria or campaigning for better lecture resources, your Academic Reps (ranging from Course Reps to Department Reps and Faculty Reps) are here to make sure your voice is heard by your department.

College Committees

Every student at York will be assigned to one of York's 9 colleges. The College Committee represents the views of students in their College on issues including accommodation and welfare provision. They also organise your Welcome Week!

Fake Freshers

We’re so excited to meet all our new students, and can’t wait to host the biggest and best Welcome’ Week events at York. However, every year some unofficial events start popping up over the summer on social media, claiming to be the only ‘official’ Freshers or Welcome events in the City. We’re here to make sure you buy the correct event tickets, are kept safe during your time here and don’t get done by one of these companies! Check out our blog on how to protect yourself (and your money!) here.

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We’ll update this page as and when the tickets are available. At the moment, we’re still busy adjusting our plans to fit in with government guidelines so don’t worry - you’ve not missed anything yet!
The YUSU Student Centre is based near James College on Campus West, but we’ve also got 6 venues across both campuses where you can grab some food and drinks.
You will only be able to log in to the website once you have fully enrolled with the University of York. If you have fully enrolled and are still having issues logging in, please drop us an email at itsupport@yusu.org.
It’s fantastic that you have chosen to study at York, and as students with children, you’ve definitely come to the right place. There’s loads of events that you can get involved in for student families, as well as all the attractions and green spaces in the City of York throughout the year for you and your family to enjoy. Find out more here.
Check out how you can stay safe in our venues here.
See all of our venues and their opening times here.