Maths Skills Centre

Video :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-IcZrAyYl4

The Maths Skills Centre offers free friendly guidance and advice to all students on Maths and Statistics topics including Numerical Reasoning. Online and face to face appointments and statistics workshops are available. On the website and the VLE site you can find online resources for Statistics and Maths that are accessible at any time.

Website:- www.york.ac.uk/maths-skills-centre

Email:- maths-skills-centre@york.ac.uk

Twitter:- @UoYMathsSkills

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers personalised advice and guidance on your written work. Online and face to face appointments are available and email feedback can be given. We can help you develop all aspects of your academic writing including planning and structuring assignments, proof-reading your own work, building effective critical arguments and integrating sources of information.

Website:- www.york.ac.uk/writing-centre

Email:- writing-language-skills@york.ac.uk

Twitter:- @UoYWriting


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is an essential part of your academic studies. It is important you understand the skills needed for good academic practice and that you use the available tools. Our website includes comprehensive referencing guidance for all referencing styles, information on the Academic Integrity and Research Integrity Tutorials as well as details on how to access Turnitin to help with your academic writing and referencing skills. 

Website:- www.york.ac.uk/integrity

Email:- integrity@york.ac.uk

Twitter:- @integrity_york


Study Coaching

Talk to a Study Coach and afterwards you are likely to feel more motivated and focused; more calm and informed - or so feedback tells us! Our one-to-one virtual appointments give you the chance to speak confidentially about your academic work and learning habits. You’ll explore successes and challenges in your study practice and consider strategies for becoming more self-aware and in control.

Website:- http://bit.ly/WLSC_StudyCoaching

Email:- writing-language-skills@york.ac.uk

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