Find out how you can take simple steps to be more sustainable.  

You can even win £50 just by telling us what sustainable actions you are going to take in our Student Switch Off (SSO) Competition prize draw competition.  And sign up as a Student Switch Off Ambassador or visit studentswitchoff.org or like our SSO facebook page for advice,and competitions. 

Check out our Recycling&Waste A-Z to find out what goes in which bin. None of our main bin waste goes to landfill and we can recycle more types of item than you may be used to at home. 

We also have loads of chances for you to find out more about sustainability and get involved with our sustainability programmes: 

  • As a Green Impact Project Assistant (~1 hour a week in term time)
  • As an auditor for the Green Impact Programme (1 day time commitment)
  • Running an event during our One Planet Week (Week 6 Spring term)
  • Get our termly Sustainable Student Newsletter

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